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Low Power FM Licensing Information 

Section 118 of the Copyright Act establishes a compulsory license for public performances of musical compositions broadcast over non-commercial educational broadcasting stations. License fees for this compulsory license are established in five-year intervals by the Librarian of Congress.

This compulsory license grants the permission to publicly perform non-dramatic renditions of the musical compositions; the performance rights to which SESAC controls and/or is empowered to license solely by radio transmissions.

The license fee for the public performance of copyrighted compositions represented by SESAC over non-commercial, educational low power FM broadcasting entities is $146.00 for the year 2015. The fee will be adjusted annually and published in the Federal Register in early December as outlined at: www.loc.gov/crb/fedreg/2014/79fr71319.pdf

Further information may be obtained at the Copyright Office website at copyright.gov.

SESAC invoices stations for this compulsory license fee for the period of January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2016. A SESAC acknowledgment letter and copies of cancelled checks or credit card transaction receipts are confirmation that the station is licensed by SESAC.

Please contact Broadcast Licensing at 800-826-9996 or customerservice@sesac.com if you have questions regarding the Low Power FM Licensing process.

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