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Published: 6/25/2009

 SESAC Atlanta Presents 'SESAC Strip'

Atlanta hosted the first quarterly SESAC Strip showcase on Thursday, June 18th at Engine 11.  An all-star cast of five hot performers was selected from the affiliate repertoire to participate in the historic event, held in a refurbished firehouse. Spectators enjoyed the mellow unplugged style sets while mingling with industry insiders and executives.

Jimi Cravity and Phillip Bernier, SESAC's Peniece Le Gall, Kyle Seitz, Lost City bassist Mark Sims and SESAC’s Trevor Gale
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Lost City
Jimi Cravity
Phillip Brenier
Ellie Perry

Elli Perry performs

Khao performs

Jimi Cravity performs

Lost City performs

Khao and his band