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Published: 5/6/2009

SESAC had a large presence at the  five-day "14th Annual Key West Songwriters' Festival" with songwriter's showcases and a well-attended brunch.  Such SESAC affiliates as Brian White, Kim Tribble, Jim Femino, Thom Shepard and Tim Johnson performed at the festival.

SESAC's Ellen Truley, Brian White, Karyn Williams, Jamie Floyd, SESAC's Tim Fink

Thom Shepherd, SESAC's Shannan Tipton-Neese, Anthony Snape
Kim Tribble and Thom Shepherd in the round
(far right) Jim Femino about to play a song
Breakfast crowd
(middle) Tim Johnson performs in the round
(far right) Jamie Floyd belts it out
SESAC songwriters Karyn Williams and Brian White just after getting engaged!

Mindy and Greg Campbell hang out with Rob Hatch

A packed house a Sloppy Joe's