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Published: 4/16/2009

SESAC Latina, the fastest-growing music performance rights organization, presented their first-ever Latin Music Digital Summit 2009. The summit, held Wednesday March 25th at the Gibson Showroom in Miami, was the first digital media annual event dedicated entirely to the Latin music industry.

“The time is now,” says Kenny Cordova, Associate Director of SESAC Latina and moderator of the event. "We discussed the transformation of the music business during this new digital era. We invited top-level music industry executives as well as technology experts from the leading music websites to speak about the future in digital music.

“The principal objective of the Latin Music Digital Summit is to determine what’s happening in the digital world within the Latin American market, what the future holds for it and what challenges are ahead for our industry,” Cordova says.

Produced by Top Media Inc.’s Jack Hernandez, the summit focused on discussing the constantly-evolving distribution of recorded music in the digital world. 

"Presenting this summit demonstrates SESAC Latina’s aggressive and innovative marketing, promotion and publicity efforts,” says J. J. Cheng, Senior Director of SESAC Latina. “We continue to break new ground sponsoring events that are relevant to the current and future state of the Latin music industry.”  

Companies that participated in panel discussions included Yahoo!, My Space Latino, Universal Music Latin Entertainment, Terra Network USA, Digi-Cards, IODA, Top Media Inc and Multiply.com.
The event included a showcase with live performances by SESAC affiliates Chris Syler, Manuela Mejia and Ex Norwegian.

Presented by SESAC Latina, the summit took place Wednesday, March 25th at the Gibson Showroom in Miami. The event was sponsored by Gibson and Top Media, Inc.
For further information please visit:ww.latindigitalconference.com/">www.LatinDigitalConference.com.