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Published: 4/6/2009

Tin Pan South 2009

SESAC hosted a Writers-In-The-Round showcase during the Nashville Songwriters Association International's annual "Tin Pan South" music conference in Nashville.  SESAC writers taking part in the Tin Pan South show included Scooter Carusoe, Rhean Boyer, Kim Tribble and Chris Hennessee.

Tin Pan South
Pictured (left to right): Chris Hennessee, Rhean Boyer, SESAC's Tim Fink, Scooter Carusoe, Kim Tribble and SESAC's Shannan Tipton-Neese.

Kim Tribble
Kim Tribble talks to the crowd

Scooter Carusoe, Chris Hennessee
Scooter Carusoe looks on as Chris Hennessee plays

Rhean Boyer
Rhean Boyer plays the SESAC showcase 
Ray Wylie Hubbard
Ray Wylie Hubbard plays at The Mercy Lounge
Bryan White, Jim Femino, Brian White, Karyn Williams, Roxie Dean, Pete Sallis, Steve Dean
Jim Femino, Brian White and Roxie Dean pose with fellow songwriters
Roxie Dean, Brian White, Jim Femino
Roxie Dean, Brian White and Jim Femino get ready to play
Jim Lauderdale
Jim Lauderdale plays 12th & Porter
John Mullins, Jim Lauderdale
SESAC's John Mullins with Jim Lauderdale