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Published: 1/16/2009

Get Your Game On! SESAC's 1st Annual Music & Gaming Event



Get Your Game On!

Just in time for National Football League’s playoff season and in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Madden series of videogames, you are cordially invited to G.Y.G.O. SESAC’s 1st Annual Music & Gaming Entertainment Seminar!

G.Y.G.O . will feature an informative panel, "The Evolution Of Music In Gaming", followed by a mixer featuring celebrity artists, songwriters, producers, and industry executives all showing their skills on the Xbox. This is a free event!

So, come match your skills with other Gamers at SESAC's Music & Gaming Entertainment Seminar January 15 & prepare to Get Your Game On!


Music 4 Games

Icelandic H20

SESAC hosted a enthusiastic group of gamers at the "First Annual Music & Gaming Entertainment Seminar" at ZUNE LA in Los Angeles.  A packed crowd gathered at the state-of-the art ZUNE LA to hear a elite panel discuss the latest in gaming innovations before enjoying a mixer featuring such celebrity participants as Marques Houston matching their skills on the Xbox.

The panel discusses the latest in Gaming.

The crowd listens intently to the panel discussion.

SESAC's James Leach (far left) and Josh Feingold (far right) bestow one of the many giveaways to a lucky winner.

The "Get Your Game On!" panel wrap up a very successful event. (Left to right): Steve Sherr,Rich Goldman, Victor Rodriguez, SESAC's James Leach, Ruwange "Ru" Samath and Adam Sessler

Attendees enjoy the cocktail party and Zune House gadgets after the panel.

SESAC's Josh Feingold catches up with Marques Houston after the event.