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Published: 12/17/2007

Writers on the Storm December 11 Showcase

SESAC held another successful Writers On The Storm showcase on December 11 2007 at Rockwood Music Hall!  Alana Amram, Rob Ingersoll, Jeff Jacobson and Mieka Pauley were featured in this month's show.  To learn more about each artist/songwriter, click HERE

Writers on the Storm
SESAC's Jamie Dominguez, Phil Sterk, Alana Amram, SESAC's Linda Lorence Critelli, Rob Ingersoll, Mieka Pauley and Jeff Jacobson

Jeff Jacobson
Jeff Jacobson

Rob Ingersoll
Rob Ingersoll

Alana Amram, Phil Sterk
Alana Amram and Phil Sterk

Mieka Pauley
Mieka Pauleyesac.com/news_detail.aspx?news_ID=379">amoxycillin