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Published: 11/8/2007


(Nashville, TN): SESAC kicked off the Americana Music Festival in Nashville with a standing-room-only showcase at the popular Douglas Corner nightclub.  The SESAC showcase featured some of the Americana’s most revered artists including Sam Baker and Bob Delevante. 

Pictured (left to right): Hayes Carll, SESAC’s Amy Beth Hale, Tim Lorsch, Sam Baker, Liz Rose, Tom Gillam, Mark Wehner and SESAC’s Tim Fink.
PHOTO: Kay Williams

SESAC also hosted a highly acclaimed showcase during the Americana Music Conference featuring performances by some of the genre’s brightest talents including Sam Baker, Hayes Carll, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Gurf Morlix and Jim Lauderdale. Go to iTunes and hear the podcast!

(Left to right): Ray Wylie Hubbard and Hayes Carll

Jim Lauderdale, Sam Baker
Jim Lauderdale and Sam Baker

Gurf Morlix
Gurf Morlix

Everyone gathers for a group shot after the showcase.  Pictured is SESAC's Tim Fink, Hayes Carll, Ray Wylie Hubbard, SESAC's Amy Beth Hale, Sam Baker, Gurf Morlix and Jim Lauderdale.