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Published: 11/14/2007

SESAC hosted a stellar showcase during the Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival featuring some of Nashville’s hottest tunesmiths.  The showcase offered music by SESAC’s recent Songwriter of the Year Liz Rose (“Teardrops On My Guitar”, “Tim McGraw”) and Song of the Year songwriter, Brian White (“Watching You”).

The Frank Brown International Songwriters' Festival is a popular music gathering held in Gulf Shores, Alabama and is designed to provide a stage for all types of music to be created and performed.

 Brice Long, Brian White, Liz Rose, Ken Hart
Pictured (left to right): Brice Long, Brian White, SESAC’s John Mullins, Liz Rose, SESAC’s Ellen Jones and Ken Hart.

Brice Long
Brice Long performs

Brian White, Liz Rose
Brian White and Liz Rose perform.

Brice Long, Brian White, Liz Rose
Brice Long, Brian White and Liz Rose pose before the round.

Ellen Jones, Tiffany Goss
SESAC's Ellen Jones, Tiffany Goss and Reneda Cross, Director of the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival and Conference.

Tiffany Goss, Brian White
SESAC songwriters Trey Matthews, David Chamberlain, Tiffany Goss and Brian White.

Trey Matthews, David Chamberlain
Trey Matthews and David Chamberlain in the round.