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Published: 11/18/2010

SESAC Atlanta Hosts SWITCH

SESAC Atlanta recently hosted a SWITCH reception at Georgia State University for a night of networking and creativity for songwriters and producers.  Some of the SWITCH attendees included artists such as D. Woods, Kenny Lattimore, Lil G, Mint Condition keyboardist Keri Lewis and London as well as GRAMMY-nominated producers Kevin “Khao” Cates, Armando Colon and Daren Lighty.   SWITCH is an innovative new musical concept combining the creative talents of different musical genres on the making of new and boundary-defying music.

Pictured (left to right): MEISA President Clint Clark, Dr. Frederick Taylor of Georgia State University, SESAC's Trevor Gale, Cappriccieo Scates, and Peniece Le Gall, recording artist Kenny Lattimore and SESAC's Albert Ramirez.


SESAC’s Cappriccieo Scates greets the SWITCH attendees.

SESAC’s Trevor Gale speaks to the packed audience

Artist Kenny Lattimore offered a unique presentation to the SWITCH audience.  Lattimore passed out examples of songs he recorded for an upcoming project then had the audience rate the music and will be using their feedback in the marketing of the album.

SWITCH attendees give feedback to the Kenny Lattimore presentation