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Published: 5/4/2010

SESAC at Key West Songwriters Festival 2010

Pictured (left to right) Jim Femino, Brian White, Karyn Williams-White, SESAC’s Tim Fink, Rob Hatch, SESAC’s Shannan Tipton-Neese, Anthony Smith, Sonya Rutledge, Kim Tribble, Micah Roberts and Lance Miller.
SESAC was front and center at the "15th Annual Key West Songwriters' Festival" offering the event’s most exciting music during the five-day festival including a standing-room-only brunch featuring an in-the-round showcase. After a delicious meal the attendees were treated to performances by some of Music City’s finest songsmith’s including Brian White (“Watching You”), Rob Hatch (“The Last Cowboy”), Jim Femino (“Just Got Started Lovin’ You”) and Lance Miller (“George Jones & Jesus”). The foursome were joined by friends and fellow SESAC writers Anthony Smith, Kim Tribble, Rhean Boyer, Micah Roberts and Sonya Rutledge making for an unforgettable event.


Rob Hatch and Lance Miller perform in the round

Jim Femino performs

Mika Roberts sings out

SESAC's Shannan Tipton-Neese with Rhean Boyer

Jesse Frasure, Nathan Barlowe, SESAC's Shannan Tipton-Neese, Cary Barlowe