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Published: 2/10/2010

Atlanta Holiday Party & SESAC Strip Showcase

It was a duel celebration recently when SESAC Atlanta hosted a Holiday Party and SESAC Strip Showcase at East Andrews Upstairs.  The party featured performances by Perfect Dissonance, Nas Star, Butta, Regal and an electrifying performance by P.J. Morton

P.J. Morton



Perfect Dissonance

PJ Morton performs
Regal sings to the crowd

Nas Star performs

Chloe and Halle Bailey singing their original song “What is Love”
Butta performs
Perfect Dissonance performs for a packed house

SESAC's Cappriccieo Scates with RichGirl members Audra and Brave

Craig Williams, Keir Venable, SESAC's Peniece Le Gall, Cedric Titus and Stanley Atwater

East Andrews Upstairs


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