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Frank Brown Songwriters Festival

November 22 2009

The festival is dedicated to the late Frank Brown, who was night watchman at the Flora~Bama for 28 years, and whose moral values, integrity and strength of character still endure . Mr. Frank, as he was known by all, (was 91 years old when he retired) was featured on Paul Harvey's syndicated radio show, "The Rest of the Story."

Today the festival provides an atmosphere to promote all writers, whether they had written hit songs which made people open their eyes and view the world in a different way or they are aspiring writers and musicians who knew they could do the same but needed a forum in order to get their music out to the world.

The mission of The Frank Brown International Songwriters' Festival is to continue to provide a stage for all types of music to be born. In addition, through the sponsorship of businesses large and small, the festival is a major contributor in the fall season which is financially our slowest time of the year.

For more information, visit www.fbisf.com


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