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Songwriting & and Music Business Basics

SESAC eduDo your students know what a Performing Rights Organization is? 
Do they know how songwriters get paid when their music is played over the radio, or when they play live?  PROs are an integral part of the music industry.  Let SESAC help you teach your students about PROs and the music business by participating in our Music Business 101 program. The great thing is there is no cost to you, your students, or your school.  It is simple.  SESAC will provide you with materials to assist you in the classroom.

Are you a high school or college educator?
SESAC Lecture Series
The SESAC Lecture series is an ongoing resource for your students. Check out two videos now:
The State of the Music Business with Bryan-Michael Cox and Inside the REAL Music Business with Billy Mann.

If you are an educator in a high school or college, SESAC has FREE STUFF for your classroom!  SESAC is interested in getting better acquainted with you and your school! By filling out this short questionnaire SESAC will send you materials that you can use in your classroom. Materials will include an educational brochure, the dynamic SESAC magazine, and a USB drive fully loaded with educational content about the music business. If you have already provided your information via the questionnaire & are in need of additional SESAC materials, we can help. To fill out questionnaire or request more materials click here.

Educational Events & Seminars
SESAC Events

  • SESAC's Songwriter's Bootcamp